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Mon Mar 25 19 04:18am
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Agreed. I prefer games like Mass Effect where your character has a plethora of characters to pick from and has a greater respect for those characters. But I don't think these games have gay guys or women in mind when they are made ;)

I just think the issue I have is that these games that have "cute and sexy scenes for the boys" tend to border on violent sexual content. Where your character makes multiple unwanted advances on a meek and uncomfortable female character until they "fall in love" with you and let you pop their cherry. It just sends all the wrong messages, and reminds me of stuff like Fire Emblem where if you were male and into the lesbian character you could force her to take a potion to make her straight. Which was completely insensitive considering it made light of the horrible history of gay conversion therapy. And then people were upset that it was censored for Western release.

So yeah, I'm okay with this stuff as long as it is respectful and doesn't cross the line into saying sexual harassment and abuse is a-okay and normal. Because it's really not.


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