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Sat Mar 30 19 10:05pm
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Can't we get a true crossover game like Mario X Sonic for once instead of this?

They tried. Nintendo and SEGA couldn't figure out how to put together Mario and Sonic to respect both franchises (since Mario is a travel the levels to save Peach platformer and Sonic is save the world from Dr. Eggman by using either super speed, the Chaos Emeralds, or having his friends help him to defeat Eggman.

Then Nintendo and SEGA came to an agreement that for this collab to work, it would have to be in a spinoff and a human event became the focal point (since Nintendo allowed this collab on the basis the old Super Mario cartoons and NoA's story had Mario and Luigi hail from Brooklyn, New York before NCL overruled NOA and forced them to accept NCL's canon) and Sonic visited the human world through the Sonic X anime.


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