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I feel this will be the only pack. Yeah its easy money for Nintendo but at the same time its not easy development. Im sure Sakurai would like to move on and not continuing to develop new fighters. Not to mention the fighters come out kinda slow. Even with as big of a game Smash is I just can't see people still being interested in new characters 2-3 years after release. People move onto different games. Its not like the Wii U where there was basically nothing else to play besides Smash. Switch has so many 1st party games in the pipeline as well as TONS of indies and 3rd party titles coming out that people have to decide what to spend their money on.

To me personally since all the DLC seems to be 3rd party shock value characters (based on what Reggie said at the Game Awards) I have absolute no interest in the DLC. I'd rather personally see Sakurai move on after the DLC and make an original game for Switch (like he did with Meteos) or make a port of Uprising for Switch (this time with actual playable controls) or an Uprising sequel. Sakurai is so talented outside of Smash as well and personally I'd like to see more of that before Smash gets to 100 characters and turns the franchise into something like mugen. Crash, Spyro, Goku, Sans, Freddy Fazbear, Minecraft Steve, Raving Rabbid, Ezio, Cuphead, Dante, Kratos all join the battle! Yeah no thanks...


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