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Thu Apr 04 19 11:32am
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Whole thing is itself grey. You need to have an official license to distribute your translation to the games. Distributing unlicensed scripts is against the copyright law. So technically, fan-translation is partly piracy.

The only reason why I think Nintendo is quiet about it is because they have issues with how to release Mother 3 as it does have a lot of things that can be controversial(from what I've heard, I haven't played the game).

My point is, you can't support Capcom by buying the copy of the game and changing the script because the localisation may or may not be legit and you're already have violated the copyright law by distributing the patch that you need a proper license inorder to distribute it.

You're better off being a pirate and just emulate the game. Because companies rarely take down fan-translations and this is simply because fan-translations are not something for them to worry about as it on the other hand prompts them to do official localisation in future.


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