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Thu Apr 04 19 01:07pm
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So, you failed to quote the law as I asked you to, and it's simply because such a law does not exist.

Distributing unlicensed scripts is against the copyright law.
Absolute and utter nonsense. No, Capcom does not own a copyright on the translated text that is entirely written by the fans. The fans can legally distribute that translated text as much as they want, just like people did with the Mother 3 fan translation

My point is, you can't support Capcom by buying the copy of the game and changing the script
Again, utter nonsense. If you buy a copy of the game you are supporting Capcom. What warped logic are you using where "buying a game from the publisher" does not equate to "supporting the publisher". You do get that Capcom sees money from your purchase of the original game, right?

You're better off being a pirate and just emulate the game.
This is the absolute weakest excuse to justifying piracy I've seen. And this comes from someone who think piracy isn't purely evil and bad. But justifying piracy because "you're not supporting the publisher by buying the game, so you're better off pirating" is not just laughable, it's downright preposterous