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Thu Apr 04 19 07:13pm
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I worry that actually isn't what he's talking about, especially since he focuses more on the time playing than money spent. It's true that many big games are designed to be addictive without even being all that enjoyable nowadays, though. Even time-wise. Skinner boxes have been a problem for years, we all know this.

I dunno. I can't tell if this is just some trite "new media are evil" schtick by an ignorant older generation or if he's actually on the level and concerned about actual problems. It's gotten so ingrained over the years that when I see some old authority figure say something like this, my first instinct is "shields up, Luddite inbound", but after applying the brakes for a moment, he's not really saying anything that hasn't been true for a while now. Even people within the industry are currently pissed at Epic (though for other reasons) and it's not like bashing on Fortnite hasn't become new the cool thing to do among gamers lately anyway for being the new "kiddy hell", just as bashing on Minecraft or the Wii used to be.


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