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So, you failed to quote the law as I asked you to, and it's simply because such a law does not exist.

I already said that it violates the copyright law.

Absolute and utter nonsense. No, Capcom does not own a copyright on the translated text that is entirely written by the fans. The fans can legally distribute that translated text as much as they want, just like people did with the Mother 3 fan translation

What do you think fan translation is? Copying the original text and paste that text to English. Copying the text and distributing it in English is already violating the copyright law to begin with. Infact the translators are not suppose to do this without proper authority from the company.

Infact Capcom can enforce it if they want to and so can Nintendo but they haven't not because the IP is in threat but because it's a waste of time taking them down.

Again, utter nonsense. If you buy a copy of the game you are supporting Capcom. What warped logic are you using where "buying a game from the publisher" does not equate to "supporting the publisher". You do get that Capcom sees money from your purchase of the original game, right?

And you need to buy a physical copy of the game to make this work. When the physical copy stops production, what then? By the time they attempt to do a digital translation patch, there is a chance that 3ds online store would close.

Also Capcom will not bother whether it's gets your penny or not in this case because otherwise, we would have gotten the game by now.

Whether you buy the actual game or not doesn't matter because Capcom doesn't want your money for this game which is region exclusive.


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