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Fri Apr 05 19 06:33am
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"The copyright law". I asked you to quote it and show me where it says fan translations fall under this and violate it. But you haven't. Because it doesn't.

"Copying the original text"
They copy nothing. That's the thing. They copy zero. The only thing they're distributing is originally written text

"paste that text to English"
What. That doesn't begin to make sense. You do realize that when you "paste", the text doesn't magically get translated, right?

"Copying the text and distributing it in English is already violating the copyright law to begin with. Infact the translators are not suppose to do this without proper authority from the company."
Utter bullcrap. Again, quote this law you so vehemently refer to and show me where it violates this law.

And again, why are fan translations of games never struck down anywhere? Just a coincidence?

"Infact Capcom can enforce it if they want to and so can Nintendo but they haven't not because the IP is in threat but because it's a waste of time taking them down."
A waste of time... Sure, yeah. Yet they shut down everything else, but the fan translation would be a wast of time...

"And you need to buy a physical copy of the game to make this work. When the physical copy stops production, what then?"
Then you can't buy the game physically anymore. What exactly is your point?

"Also Capcom will not bother whether it's gets your penny or not in this case because otherwise, we would have gotten the game by now."
Please learn basic business risk management. It's not that they didn't pursue this because they're allergic for money (which is a ridiculous notion in itself), but because they don't believe they will get their return on investment. They deem the market too small, and the investment too large to make it work

"Whether you buy the actual game or not doesn't matter because Capcom doesn't want your money for this game which is region exclusive."
This is the worst white-knighting of piracy I've seen. Again, this coming from someone who doesn't think piracy is inherently bad. This is even below the excuses of "I wasn't gonna buy it anyway"

Actually, I am kinda done with this discussion, because you fail to listen at all, so I'll say these last few things and be done with it:

The patches of fan translations only hold original text that the original developers didn't write at all. The publishers (or whatever right holders) don't have a right to that translated text and it can be distributed as much as the fans please. However, I will concede that it's still a bit in the gray area, but as long as there is no precedent of this going to court and being found illegal, it remains in the gray area and if it has the implied consent from the rights holders, it'll remain legal for all intents and purposes.

It definitely is not as illegal as you make it out to be, and it definitely doesn't make it full-on piracy


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