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Tue Apr 09 19 03:55am
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They’re not even the same thing. That’s like comparing an SD card to a thumb drive. You recognize how much cheaper SD cards are, yet Nintendo didn’t go that route. They made proprietary carts with SanDisk and Macronix. For money! They’re not releasing bigger carts because it’s not cost effective. For them! So how/why would any publisher be pushed to take on that cost? If they did, they’d pass it on to the consumer, which is why most Switch retail games have the “Switch tax.” It’s also why DQ cost so much in Japan. So which is it? Are the publishers inept or are they greedy for charging more money for the more expensive carts? You seem to want it both ways. Or are you willing to pay $80 for MK11 on Switch, while it’s $60 on a $1 Blu-ray on the other systems?

Anyways, as if a company trying to turn a profit is a bad thing, lmao. Do you forget Nintendo games, and games on both of the other consoles, have day one patches?


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