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Wed Apr 10 19 12:09pm
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The answer has and always will be piracy and emulation, there will be roms in the future and cart hacks, ultimately it will prove to be more efficient than what Nintendo had ever achieved.
I put the blame entirely upon Nintendo and their silence upon the matter hasn't made them any friends either. At this stage and a pro model would actually add more problems to the situation given that games would only become larger whilst the format would remain the same. Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!

Nintendo should just eat some of the cost and bench the pro model (or whatever you wanna call it. I prefer NX) or go all out guns blazing and give us both because its clear the rewards are there for them but its doubtful Nintendo would do either and rather commit to their failure.

As negative as I sound these are the facts. If higher capacity carts were available or economically viable wouldn't you think there would be more games available on it. Whilst I can believe that some publichers are just greedy and trying to earn as much profit as humanly possible from games I refuse to believe that they are unaware of it cutting into their sales profits.
I guess one example of the above is megaman legacy collection. That was real piece of work if I ever saw one from capcom.

I guess the basis of this is greed, between nintendo and publishers consumers have no hope of being treated fairly because they are all looking to extract as much dollars out of your pocket as they can.
Piracy is both the devil and the devil we need.

I take a lot of pride in purchasing and owning a library of games on the switch but its a shame we are met with examples such as this.


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