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Thu Apr 11 19 12:23pm
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Going by your words then you people are arguing about two different things here.
If I understand you, you would be angry with any kind of mandatory update to play, with any kind of obligatory install size, be it 1 MB or 50 GB as long as it requires the internet and a download in order to use your cartridge, no matter how big or small the size of said requirement.

On the other hand, the discussion here and what Mime and Destructo are pointing is that people (the ones that are apparently are fin with downloading small obligatory day one updates) shouldn't throw such a fit when said size is so big in order to reach the best possible result on the system, without going overboard in sacrificing graphical fidelity, loading time, sound quality, increasing the price or delaying the release date...or hell, doing all of that like more than one Switch game in the past have done in order to fit in a small as possible cart...and releasing months after the other versions. This two gamers are fine with sacrificing a good part of their digital storage piece to get that results, many others here doesn't seem so convinced, while you good sir, well, it doesn't seem like the size is your issue as I said.


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