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Thu Apr 11 19 03:16pm
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Which is why I believe your argument and theirs are curiously similar, if at different ends of the spectrum.

You obviously prefer your whole physical release, whatever it takes. You don't care about paying more, getting the game later, getting worse visuals or audio...to you every sacrifice is fair as long as the company did the effort to put it all on the cart
On the other hand, some gamers prefer the game to come at the same date and with as less compromises as possible, whatever it takes. They don't care about paying for whats almost an empty box with a download code, paying 60 bucks for nothing tangible, purchasing bigger SD cards or erasing some of their favorite games in their SD card because of the massive size...to them every sacrifice is fine as long as the company did the effort to release a version on par with other systems.

The people Destructo and Mime are calling is not you, is the people that want EVERYTHING, no matter how incredibly ludicrous or just flat out impossible it is for a small underpowered system like the Switch to get. They want full physicial release with no downloads attached, but also want to pay the same for it, to be released at the same date, with the best available audio and visuals possible, that doesn't require obligatory updates or installed files on their SD cards, oh and of course also with the same sales goals as the other versions.


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