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Wed May 08 19 09:48am
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Well exactly; why would anyone have a problem with this? And yet sooo many [ignorant] people have a problem with whatever companies having more men than women, like the only way they think things can be truly "fair" and "equal" is if they literally see a 50/50 split of male and female employees in whatever company, even when in many situations that simply makes no actual sense at all. Because, as I sad, equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of outcome.

And those "feminist"-types are usually the ones who are raging about it when they see any company with more men than women, which is very common in video game companies and for entirely non-sexist or whatever negative reasons. You know the types I'm talking about: Very confused and misguided people like Anita Sarkeesian for example, who are out to make everything entirely "fair" and "equal" as they see it--no matter if they're going about it completely and utterly the wrong way in many situations. Those types of people, despite what they think, are not actually good for the video game industry.

And I'm just making a point of it before one of them comes in here and complains that having a 75%-25% split of male and female in a games company still isn't good enough and is just a sign of the inherent "sexism" in our society and the "patriarchy" and all that crap. I've just been hearing a lot of that crap of late and am a bit sick of it.


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