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Wed May 08 19 04:39pm
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Well this is why I'm very intentionally writing it as "feminists" rather than feminists.

Also, you clearly didn't get my point: A 50/50 split in video games companies would be totally unnatural and forced because girls simply are not into games as much as boys; so it would be exactly what I'm talking about as probably being a bad thing if we suddenly see a bunch of games companies split 50-50 male/female as it would almost certainly indicate things being artificially forced in a way that is not actually authentic/genuine at all; it would likely be a sign of total virtue signalling and little more. That's not sexist or the "patriarchy" talking or anything like that but just a simple truth based on the kinds of things male brains tend to find engaging and fun vs what female brains tend to gravitate towards.

So, the whole point was that the 75%-25% split above is totally and utterly brilliant--possibly more than we should reasonably expect--and we don't need to be forcing or expecting anything more because of some misguided notion that the closer to 50/50 we are the more "fair" and "equal" it surely must be, and certainly not when it come to video games (I'm talking about more core gaming by the way, as opposed to casual mobile meh).

We need to start educating people better that equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of outcome, which literally means it's perfectly fine in many situations for things to be completely imbalanced one way or another, like in video games for example, and that's not reflective of any underlying issues that need to be fixed.


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