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Thu May 09 19 06:41am
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I doubt we'll ever naturally get to those kinds of numbers. It would be like expecting us to eventually get to a roughly 50/50 split in midwifery or baby care without forcing it horribly and taking away jobs from the women who love this kind of stuff and brainwashing men into thinking it's something they really want to do totally instinctively. Similarly if I used the scenario of trying to get 50% of oil rig workers or construction workers or even soldiers to be men. Girls just aren't into video games as much as boys are, by the very nature of girls and boys and the very nature of video games, and I don't think they ever will be. Well, unless games as we know them eventually change to such a degree that they do in fact appeal to girls just as much as boys. But that's a real push imo, and probably the kind of unnatural push I'm very much against. So my whole point comes back to it being kinda perfect just as it is to be honest, and we don't need to think of it as being otherwise or needing to be more "balanced" or whatever. Do you get me?


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