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Thu May 09 19 05:16pm
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I honestly think you're very misguided about the truth of the way it was and is with video games to be honest. I wonder what the ratio of male gamers to female gamers is in Japan for example--and especially if we don't consider most of the utterly crappy mobile and/or often more gambling/addiction-like "games" in that calculation--just riffing on your point? But I can tell it will likely be impossible to convince you otherwise.

Edit: Seems the ratio of girl "gamers" is actually higher than males in Japan based on a quick Google/wiki search--but, as I said above, I think the figures these days are very skewed and misleading because what we call a "video game" now includes "games" like Coin Master and its ilk on smartphones.

I mean, we probably call some girl a "gamer" if she's played a Cardassian "game" on smartphones yet has never touched another [actual] video game in her life--that's where we're at.


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