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I'm going purely based on real statistics of Nintendo's console sales and that the male dominance of the industry clearly derives from how Nintendo mostly in the 80s, and to some degree everyone in the 90s, focused on male marketing only. (At the time video games were still considered "toys". By that time, the toy industry had already split itself into male and female markets, and literally into separate aisles in stores. Nintendo decided the only way to get NES into American stores would be to sell it as a toy. They had to pick an aisle, basically, and went with male, thus their marketing. SEGA and others ran with this. Nintendo started to go away from this starting in the late 90s, especially with GameBoy. Nintendo's marketing and lineup is far more general now, the industry just has to naturally balance itself out and get over its previous biases which have built up over the past 3 decades. Japan never had this issue, they launched games as they were, games, why they are far more embedded in Japanese society. Thus, the female to male ratio is closer as Nintendo or Sony never had to focus solely on males in their marketing. Stuff like marketing can have a massive effect over how the industry functions for decades.)


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