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Tue May 21 19 12:22pm
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It's complicated alright, but consider it's been years since microtransactions became filthy in that even players that did actively try to limit or avoid MTXs to send a message "We don't want MTXs." end up having the boycotts fail, because whales keep the MTXs flowing and also kids that are tricked into stealing their parents money just to be able to play their games more.

The ESA and by extension the ESRB has had years to crack down on this, but they let the greed overtake them so now the US government is starting to breathe down the ESA's neck (although the ESA has lobbying power that can take a dent out of any punishments the US government could do).

Basically the gaming industry could have avoided having governments getting involved if they listened to the consumers, but no. They just excused themselves by using whales and tricked kids to continue spiraling MTXs everywhere. "Oh, 5% of people dropped a million plus dollars each on our MTXs against the outcry of 95% of our player base? We better keep feeding the whales and tricking more kids!"