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Tue May 21 19 04:48pm
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do you have any evidence to support your assertion that earnings are 95% from whales and “tricked kids”?

I said 5% of the playerbase that always buys into MTX. These are the people that will always buy into whatever a game publisher/dev put out regardless.

These whales and kids put so much money into MTX, they negate or block the rest of the players from boycotting because the whales and kids easily can make up for the lost income of the 95% of the boycotters.

EDIT - Hell take Call of Duty. Even with more and more people that turn against the franchise due to Activision's greed, the whales keep the MTXs afloat in that franchise so much so that Activision makes more bank from MTXs than the CoD games themselves. So each year most of the playerbase makes it known they hate MTXs only to find supply drops/MTXs come back because of the whales and kids that don't know any better.


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