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Actually the fortune cookies in Pocket Camp are lootboxes. Yes you don't have to pay any real-world money to get the cookies, but you're still given random loot from said cookies (and there is a good chance of receiving duplicate loot if you've used these cookies a lot).

However "premium" cookies require Leaf Tickets and rarely appear in the cookie shop to be bought with Bells. You can grind to complete in-game missions to get Leaf Tickets, but you'll find it's slow going to accrue enough Leaf Tickets. This is to goad you into using real-world money to buy more Leaf Tickets to get what you want.

Where Pocket Camp crosses the line is with the Event Classes at the Happy Home Academy. All furniture must be attained from premium fortune cookies which turn these classes into pay-2-win. This is what Belgium cracked down on leading to Pocket Camp to get pulled from their mobile stores.


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