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Sat May 25 19 07:04pm
Rating: 3

Yeah, with you on this one. I mean, the gameplay looks good. Story mode seems fascinating in it's funny way (old meats new) and thr graphics are truly great. Also, the Switch port has a lot effort in it. I applaud all that, but... And that BUT is big. Damn that always online crap when in single player mode. Seriously! At least they patched the grinding a bit. Oh and how much DLC will this game get? Hear it's going to get a LOT! Oh and a little computer generated female skin is Satan himself, but shitloads of CG gore is the awsomeness... Sheesh. OK, I love the gore in these games, of course, but blaah. I'll just wait for the Komplete edition for some cheap money and see then. I was so looking forward to this game after X, which was awesome.


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