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Tue Jun 04 19 06:55pm
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Good god, I'd hope not. I want NINTENDO characters as the DLC ones, not ones from other systems. If there's any more third party folks it should be someone iconic like Bill/Lance from Contra or Billy/Jimmy from Double Dragon that people grew up with, not a N64 platform mascot that's forgettable at best. (I do like Kazooie since I'm a big fan of video game birds, but I'd rather have so many others than her, sad to say). And even then, I'd rather only have 1-2 more third party folks and having the rest be Nintendo characters. Joker was already going on the edge of insanity by being totally out of place and this would be almost as weird (though at least BK HAD good history with Nintendo, since it fell into obscurity because of the buyout)


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