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I didn't grow up with Contra/DD in the 80s, as I was a 90s and an N64 kid too. I discovered those two via the VC/a real NES I was gifted, but one thing I do know is that nearly every teacher who's into gaming that I met has played one of those two games before growing up, just like how people my age have likely played Pokemon at some point. I personally never even knew the BK games existed growing up despite having a N64, but I also didn't have internet until 2006. I did have DK64 and Conker's Pocket Tales though and really didn't like seeing the big M rating on Bad Fur Day when my grandma took me to buy the new conker game, (of course we backed off after seeing... that) so needless to say I've been bitter towards Rare for being out of their minds to make a character suddenly vulgar, though I can't say even if they did bring back friendly Conker and put him in SSB I'd still find it a good pick compared to many other options.

That's just me though. I at least gave the DKC games a shot and was much happier with them and the Land games compared to DK64, so I don't deny Rare had talent, I just don't feel many of their games are really that high in demand for revivals? It would just be out of left field to dig up an obscure old character for the sake of a crossover if they aren't going to make him a mainstay on newer systems. I still think BK would be a far better pick than Joker though since at least he had history on Nintendo systems, so I'll buy the pass if they release him. I'd just hope they'd pick some first party characters afterward.


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