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Thu Jun 06 19 12:33am
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I never said that either, lmao. You’re the one who brought up sales as if it has some correlation to whether or not you’re considered iconic. I think of it like this: some professional sports players never win a championship, doesn’t mean they aren’t great athletes or iconic representatives of their respective sports. Sales =/= how much worth a given character has.

Persona 5 was not on Switch. Nintendo consoles will never get a mainline Persona game, so long as Sony pays for them. Game Awards? Hahaha. And okay, a game that isn’t even 2 years old deserves a representative in Smash over a beloved character? Nah. I doubt most Switch owners even knew who Joker was until the Smash reveal. Based on my personal experience, my friends don’t even know what Persona is; they do know who Banjo is.

Anyways, this conversation is silly. See you online, I’ll be playing as Banjo! :D


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