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But graphics and animations are only half of the problem. The other half is balancing the games for both the single player adventure and the competitive scene. I don't see a lot of folks referencing this half when talking about the issue.

And I honestly do get the disappointment. I think people are well within their rights to air their grievances and even request/demand changes... I just wish folks could take a moment to be more understanding of the situation while doing so.

Riftsilver is right when saying too many folks are being armchair devs over this. Calling them cheap or lazy is a rhetorical cop-out. And comparing games that have completely different design philosophies (and their own share of problems) to Pokemon is pretty ignorant.

There's not much need to justify wanting the National Dex aside from, "But I enjoyed it, and I'd appreciate if there was a way to keep it around [even if it means at the sacrifice of a timely release or game mechanic]." Because that's all it really comes down to. And that's fine enough.


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