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There's no reason for Gamefreak not to have a library of reusable assets of nicely detailed Pokemon to speed up this process, why restart every gen and make a whole new engine and build entirely new assets for all existing pokemon. Gamefreak really only need to make the 70 or so new pokemon over the space of a year, from concept art to game this probably takes a few weeks, and it's a rolling effect where a team will handle each step in the pipeline, so even though a model will take a few weeks to go through the pipeline the difference between assets reaching the game will be days, you could have basically the entire new set of Pokemon reach the game in the space of a year with a small team. From what I've read there is already a library of reusable assets for every Pokemon, and there's a decent amount of detail that you could continue to use them into the next generation as long as they stuck with the cell shaded art style. There's no excuse on so many different levels for this sort of incompetence. Gamefreak have the sales pull to have an entire extra studio to handle the management of reusable assets, and to farm out engine development to a competent team of engineers, but they don't. Gamefreak are the most incompetent professional development studio in video games, I feel bad for anyone hoping for Pokemon's Breath of the Wild, it's never going to come because Gamefreak have no idea what they are doing.


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