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Mon Jun 17 19 04:08am
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Honestly, these excuses are BS. First of all, they already had high poly models of every pokemon in Sun and moon. The animations are nothing special in the series, and please, the graphics are too much work? For a game that looks like an early xbox 360 game? Wait, it looks even worse than that, because the 360 had Kameo at lucnh, wich still looks much better.

Gamefreak should have increased their team a long time ago, they have the money for that, but no, they know they can get away with anything by just being lazy. Every gen they give us a new mechaninc and then get rid of it by the next gam, without exploring it more or improving it, but why do that, when they will sell millions with the bare minimum of work, right?

This is the first gen that im going to skip, because if they don't put the work to make this the best it can be, both in visuals and features, but instead just gives a big step backwards, then why should i reward them by buying the game?


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