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It took them until the 6th generation to address Dragon type pokemon, balance isn't really an issue, but it's also something that can be changed as needed based on feedback, this is the case with pretty much any other games, does Magic the Gathering balance it's pool of 20,000 cards, they can't even edit pre existing cards, just have local competitions ban them, something that probably happens with Pokemon already, it happens with Smash.

As long as GF stay with their current visual style they can continue to reuse their current pokemon assets for over a decade, and reiterating as needed isn't going to require significant redoes, the current pokemon assets they have are nicely detailed and look smooth unless close up, animations can be reused much easier than the actual models too, so you've already saved a lot of time there. 10 years is a long time. The cost of hiring an external studio just to manage a large library of reusable assets is quite small in the long run, and it would suit all of Gamefreaks needs, as long as they plan a transition to a higher level of detail in advance.


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