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Tue Jun 18 19 12:31am
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I still like if they make figurines for popular new characters.

Labo VR seems like a prototype to build VR games, maybe.

I agree, though with meeting deadlines I see how some things can slip through the cracks, like Mario Maker online friend mode.

At the very least Nintendo does offer both paid and free DLC. That way both the consumer and them can get the notion of what should be paid and what should not.

So far IMO the only bad practices with this have been, the amiibo missions in Splatoon 1, the cave of shadows Wolf Link, the Metroid Samus Returns art gallery and extra difficulty mode, more or less the Breath of the Wild Amiibo costumes, and moreso the quality of life features and having both DLC packs just being sold through a season pass. Maybe I'm forgetting something else, but that's my count so far.


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