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That they're working with the most advanced hardware they've ever used is a HUGE issue to work through when developing a game, or any app or program, for that matter. It means they have to unlearn a lot of things that worked in the past and do things in greater detail, especially, since this is the first time the main series has moved to HD. It's a miracle this game is releasing this year at all rather than them falling back on Sinnoh remakes on the 3DS (of which they'd likely get criticism from fans for it not being on the Switch).

This was one of the biggest reasons Sonic 2006 is the laughingstock it became. It was the first Sonic game on HD systems, and the executives at SEGA thought they could create a finished product on the scale of Sonic Adventure 2 or better in a year. The truth is that much of the development time and resources wound up sunk into trying to understand how to make a presentable product on the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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