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I get the feeling we're not going to agree here, so I'll just say this: when you spend 20+ years building a brand around the tagline "gotta catch 'em all", and then decide "it's unsustainable," you shouldn't be surprised that people are going to feel entitled.

Amongst those of us who produce products, we're well aware of this. There's an allegory about a restaurant opening up with a promotion of giving out free pickles with an entrée. When the promotion was over, consumers were frustrated, despite the high quality and value of the food, because they expected pickles to always be free - even though a sizable portion of the patrons never ate the pickles. Had the restaurant not run this promotion, the patrons would have been happier with the product.

It's the same thing here. Pokémon fans have gotten use to all Pokémon being in every game despite the unsustainable nature of it. And now they're upset on the Internet. I get why it's happening. If anyone made any mistakes it's the Pokémon Company for not doing this at Gen 3. The sad part is that we have a lot of people who will not experience this great game because they're distracted by this minor issue that could potentially be a non-issue when further games are released.

I think we will agree one day if you enter a profession where you're producing content. 🙂


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