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Your analogy is fundamentally flawed not least because the pickles would've been advertised as a promotion. A complete Pokédex has been an actual feature, which people have up until now continued to pay for with each game. This to say nothing of the fact that twenty years is a hell of a "promotional period."

The bottom line is that this is only unsustainable because they want the games out the door this year. Another twelve months could certainly have been enough time to do all the development necessary for every Pokémon, but because capitalism is horrible we're stuck with this "one mainline Pokémon game a year" schedule that is quite clearly to the detriment of the franchise. And again, if they truly had to have it out in November, why they couldn't say "we'll patch in the rest of the fuckers later" is beyond me.

Also, I realize you feel strongly about this "as a content creator," but you have to keep in mind that people can legitimately criticize things from a profession in which they're not employed. I can review a game without being a developer. I can call a drawing bad without being an artist. Your opinion on this is no more valid than anyone else's, least of all mine.


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