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Tue Jun 18 19 05:50pm
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They refer to production groups in the article as EPD production group 5 and 6, also they absolutely did keep divisions for groups, which is why Nogmai remained in charge of both Animal Crossing and Splatoon after the merger. The merger was more to remove the separation between their 2 key internal development companies, and also to help merge resources, not keep the SPD teams separate from EAD. Even during EAD, we know people were moved around groups all the time.

Edit: Also, the original source (a ResetEra post if you are curious) seemingly has now posted EPD divisions, which are interesting (for instance EPD Group 1 is an external R&D group, what SPD used to do, handling Game Freak, HAL, Monolith, etc. and Group 3 is the old Zelda group.)

Also, interestingly, there used to be 2 separate SPD internal development teams (the one that did stuff like Rhythm Heaven, and a smaller one which use dot do Brain Age, whose director now does Labo), and they are now acting as two new internal R&D groups separately, with the Rhythm Heaven one continuing to do some external stuff like 2D Metroid.


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