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I just said I think it is possible they will offer a $250 SKU for a Switch mini with a mini dock and 2 joycon. Obviously it doesn't cost Nintendo close to $170 to produce a dock and 2 joy con, they way overprice those individual peripherals at retail. Assuming the dock costs a bit less than the regular Switch dock, I see no reason why they can't sell a Switch mini with the dock and joycon for $250

(Switch mini alone is going to cost less to produce than a base Switch, its not just cheaper because they are taking away the dock. It is estimated it costs Nintendo $250, and that has dropped since launch, to produce a base Switch, so even with that they wouldn't lose money if they cut the price down to $250 with the dock and joycon. No fan, a smaller Tegra, and Nintendo is going to be spending a lot less on the mini. With Joycon and a Mini dock, which I would hope would be cheaper to make than a base Switch dock, $250 should be perfectly profitable, with a $200 mini only SKU available for those who want it.)

Also, if someone decides they only want to spend $200 now but a few years down the line decide they want to invest in a dock, then it would work well as well. They shouldn't have to spend $300 if they don't need the dock yet when they first get it.


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