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The big question is: will the mini have detachable Joy-Cons or not? If so, then all is good. If not, then I find the "Switch" mini to be somewhat silly. But then again detachable JCs cost more somehow? Some games dont even work with them attached and was a HUGE point of the Switch. I get that they'll take out HD rumble though. It's just if you want to play on the TV from the get-go then you need extra controllers (if JCs are non-detachable) and a dock, so it seems like it's back to square one... Actually maybe table-top mode wont be a thing, which was also a big selling point.

Yeah, I'm sceptical as Hell for this, but as a Nintendo fan and gamer in general I am curious.

Also, as mentioned before, a lot of people are waiting to hear about the Pro. Just got a question from a buddy about that a last night. That''s also obviously a huge interest for many. The "hardcore" gamers.

Oh well. Enough specualtion from me. Have a nice day, Ben.


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