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Honestly I never found tabletop to be a real selling point (and its even less of a mode, its just handheld mode with wireless controllers....)

Bluetooth costs money, so does the rail system, also removing the rail will allow them to cut down the size.

If there is no way to connect it to the dock, it will be a massive mistake. I think it will still be bleh if it can be docked but they don't have a middle tier SKU which offers a mini dock and at least a controller, so that games like Mario Party can be played. But obviously most people with a Switch now are going to be far more interested in the Pro ( me included).

I still think the best market for this mini is going to be Japan, because base Switch still isn't portable enough for a lot of people who want to bring it on the go there. I am going to be very worried if NoA tries to do a kid-focused marketing approach of this, and we know they will.. They haven't fully learned that the reason the Switch marketing has worked so well in America and worldwide was because they stopped using kids at first, not just because they better explained the product.


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