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Tabletop mode was actually a very big selling point to me. I don't really play much in handheld (OK, some games before I go to sleep are actually pretty good. And with a good headset the sound is truly great) but tabletop is just an awesome idea. The entire "I'm out and about and meet a buddy. Whah! Let's play MK8 here in the park together. Everything we need to play together is already here!" thing us just damn awesome. And the "anywhere anyhow" thing would go away without it. When I'm in the kitchen "observing" my food I can take a round of Smash with the Pro controller and Switch in TT mode. It's perfect for things like that- And also gives an arcade feeling. Yikes, I wrote a lot about that one feature. But for all I know I could be in the minority.

Yeah. The Pro IS what we "hardcorez gamerz" want and that's why many people are waiting to get a Switch. I still say the best they could do is to have a full "set" with dock/JCs etc and one option with just the stronger "tablet" and we get to use all our old stuff. Now THAT would be great.

Oh gawd! If NoA fucks this up...One of the things with the Switch at first was how damn awesome the advertisement was. And in the "Finally getting away from the kiddie image" way. Please learn from past mistakes...



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