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Thu Jun 27 19 07:10am
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I just like the guy--and I've watched a lot of videos of him at this point including like the 3 full debates with Hillary--and also think he's been grossly misrepresented in the media (worryingly so if you expect your "news" media to be honest and fair and unbiased and non-manipulative and so on).

Example: Media calls him [and tries to brainwash everyone into believing and perpetuating that he is] a "racist" for saying [roughly] "We need to stop ILLEGAL immigrants coming across the border", or for pointing out what appears to be an objective and verifiable truth/fact that SOME of the ILLEGAL immigrants crossing the border are criminals and others are getting r*ped and so on, neither of which even remotely racist.

Same with the stuff he said on the bus--total guy banter in private and nothing more. Girls do exactly the same in private with other girls. And, when you watch how he actually conducted himself with the woman after getting off the bus--totally fine, not a wrong word or a bad gesture, and a bit of a gentleman actually ("after you"). Bush was actually the one being a bit pervy and forceful in how he was talking to and giving the woman random commands:


Just a couple of examples.

So, while I also think he's a douche in some ways (no one is perfect), I just like the cut of his jib for the most part. Some of the videos of him are just hilarious, like the one with the never-ending handshake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVdCnHXU39g (the dude is like the DON! The other guy like never had a clue what was happening! lol)


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