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To those who would like this comment (and user) deleted; stop.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions here, especially when delivered in a civil manner, and in mild, unthreatening language. It's when we get hostile or attack people specifically where we draw a line.

There were plenty of ways he could have worded his comment that would have crossed that line, as thin as it is. But he didn't.

I (and other GN staff) may not agree with his views, but simple disagreement is not grounds for censorship, banning or de-platforming. That is not likely to expose him to the kinds of positive stimuli bound to enlighten, but rather likely to reinforce negativity and get everyone no where.

That's not to say anyone offended is being asked to suck a lemon. You can block him. You can walk away. I personally would encourage anyone wishing to challenge his views to do so in private messages, respectfully, and teach vs preach. Education can do wonders.


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