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He perceives it as an agenda, you see it as people's rights. You asked why should you respect people who want the rights of others to vanish. But isn't this talk of needing 20-30 new pronouns originating from this community? And forcing people to use them is a perfect example of people's rights vanishing.

I think it's most important for people to be themselves to be happy, whatever that is, as long as you don't hurt anyone/animals, etc. The elephant in the room is on both sides, and they have no idea they give life to and support each other. I have met plenty of selfish straight dudes that act like sheer assholes but I've also met quite a few gay guys that act like self centered little bitches who flaunt with no limit. I can't stand either as they each share the same master-ego! lol Each extreme would cease to exist if they would realize it's their ego's mind generated sense of self, which, in of itself, doesn't really exist. Ego views reality in fragments instead of a whole. Unsatisfactory feelings arise as our memory or awareness of being part of this whole fades. It's all one thing and you can feel this within but only when the egoic mind is at rest.

Oh man sorry for blabbing, breathing in too much fresh air with some delicious coffee can do that to ya! ;0)


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