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Tue Jul 02 19 11:16pm
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I'm in. I don't think I've gone a day without at least a daily view of gonintendo in almost 15 years. I discovered the site somewhere around 2005 when the Nintendo ON video led me scour forums and various fan sites for any information I could find about what would eventually become the Wii. When I discovered the site, it was in the days before the Motorola Razr and I remember being so amped about getting a Samsung Blackjack so I could look up Nintendo news anywhere. In the time since discovering GoNintendo:

-I've gotten a driver's license
-Placed as a high school all american in wrestling
-Seen three different US Presidents hold office
-Witnessed the rise of the smart phone
-Moved to 5 different states.
-Had a short lived and mediocre college football career
-Had to bury a brother and a bevy of other family members
-Graduated college and built a somewhat respectable career
-Got married
-Got divorced, lol
-Bought a home
-....and lost that too, lol

There aren't many institutions that have stuck around long enough to be a part of my life through every milestone, but I'm happy that this website has been here for the majority of my teens into my adult life. RMC, I know I don't know you or contribute on here very often, but you've been a huge part of my life and I'd be more than happy to put my money where my mouth is and contribute a little back to something that has meant so much to me.

...needless to say, I'm in. Here's to the past four console generations I've spent with you and to the next four.


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