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Wed Jul 03 19 04:28am
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I do think Metroid-like or Metroid-style would have been more fitting given how Metroid started the whole sub-genre but I don’t have a problem with Metroidvania as a genre.

There’s a myriad of Metroidvania games you could just call action games. You could call Hollow Knight an action game or action adventure and it’d fit the bill. But calling it a Metroidvania explains off the bat (to those who are familiar with those games) that it isn’t a linear game and that you’re going to be backtracking, upgrading yourself etc. over an expansive map. Ultimately if you’re going to describe Hollow Knight etc. to someone you’re going to make a comparison to Metroid or Castlevania and so having a term to explain it right away is an easy way of doing so.

Look at Yoku’s Island Express. Calling it a “Metroidvania pinball game” explains a lot about a game that would otherwise be a weird concept to explain.

Obviously the name requires some prior knowledge to understand what it means but the same can be said about a lot of other genres. Platformer? RPG? MMO? Those would need explaining to for people unfamiliar.


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