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I like the term "Metroidvania". It rolls off the tongue and it is immediately apparent what it's referring to. I don't get what there is to be so hung up about. Is it because it uses an official IP name in the wording? Is that why? There's so many other genre codifiers to be getting hung up about. What about a "schmup"? Do you think the average Joe is going to know what the hell a "schmup" is supposed to be? They'll think you"re referring to some kind of exotic drink. At least "Metroidvania" tips you off to a game you can use as a starting reference point to figure out the meaning. The Castlevania part always reminds me of Symphony of the Night, so unless I am forgetting something I don't know what the issue for that portion would be either.

"Hey dude, pour me a schmup over here. What? It's a drink! You never had some schmup before?".


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