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Thu Jul 04 19 08:35am
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I don't follow this much but I was trying to understand the person above. I'm sure most use traditional pronouns or the alternatives. But even then, you can't possibly believe it's right to force people to use them. Most people will respect what that person wants to be called as long as it's not the made up ze, vis, hir, etc (you know part of my set hysteria lol) The idea that if I disagree with how you view your gender somehow means I'm discriminating against you, is a farce. Anyone with any amount of working sense can understand this is the case. Of course this doesn't mean silly laws will not be passed.

As far as my set created hysteria. Tell that to Canada where they're already promoting this 20-30 neutral gender pronoun circus.

More power to gay pride, (I have no bone in this fight) but let us not ignore the mountain of passive aggressiveness that is hiding in the midst.

Edit: It's already made it's way from Canada to NY. Regardless of how rare it is, it is absolutely wrong.

"If you are wondering, reasonably, why any of this might be relevant to Americans, you might note that legislation very similar to Bill C-16 has already been passed in New York City.

Authorities there now fine citizens up to $250,000 for the novel crime of “mis-gendering” — referring to people by any words other than their pronouns of choice (including newly constructed words such as zie/hir, ey/em/eir and co)."



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