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Most of the LGBT “agenda” involves campaigning to be able to marry their consenting adult of choice, to not be denied a job because of their sexuality, to be able to do something as trivial as donate blood, for their sexuality to not be a punishable crime (still is in places), to be able to adopt children. Would you not agree that a person should not be denied the above solely based on their sexuality?

Those are rights that straight people have by-default. For a gay person to be treated the same as a straight person in any of those areas isn’t an “agenda”, it is equality of rights. If you don’t consider them rights then we have a very different understanding of the word.

Since my original reply to you was deleted, I’ll ask again, what exactly do you mean by “agenda”? I’ve never seen anyone able to articulate what they actually mean when they use the term “LBGT Agenda”’.


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