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Wed Jul 10 19 02:28pm
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I realize how long ago the OP was, but I never got around to replying.

First, I highly, HIGHLY doubt anyone is paid to troll our site.

Second, the correct way to deal with trolls is to a) ignore, b) block, or c) report to a moderator. Engaging them is an inconvenient shortcut to getting yourself included in any penalties.

You can of course choose to engage them respectfully, but remember to remain on the original topic (and follow all other rules), and stay civil.

Finally, we actually do have defined rules against trolling. No rule is perfect, but it's a good place to start, and that's why the mods exist to arbitrate those grey zones.

All that said, we do not frown on opposing, unpopular, or negative opinions per se, and encourage people to articulate their ideas, especially if on the contrarian side. Just saying you hate Metroid is obvious trolling. Saying you've never been a fan of Metroid because of an experience being kidnapped by a blonde bounty hunter as a child, or waking to a metroid nursing from your exposed nipples one day...well ok; the context there helps.

Besides, if your opinions can't withstand a little scrutiny or challenge, what does that say about your opinions (or ability to defend them)?

PS... RMC does the heavy content lifting. The site and platform are courtesy of T27duck and yours truly <3


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