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I get it. Think of each Stardew play-through as a brand new timeline/universe so the sexuality of all characters is reset/changed Smile

I think full openness and options is probably the easiest thing for devs. I mean it could go as granular as if you picked your character to have a beard then 3 people immediately are off limits as they don’t like beards...or you picked to have a cat over a dog so one potential partner won’t even entertain the idea of dating you because they hate cats.

It’s a hard one to get absolutely right. I don’t mind it done either way where everyone is an option like Stardew or only a subset of characters are “canonically” gay but I feel the latter restricts the player but does make it more “true to life”. So it’s a balance.

PS - I always end up romancing Alex in Stardew anyways because I’m a sucker for a guy who works out


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