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Tue Jul 16 19 02:08pm
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It's perceived racist....in certain cultures

It’s not universally racist, only racist in the country that used “watermelon” as a racist icon against black people. As a few have pointed out, never knew “watermelon” and black people had any negative connotation until today. Because the use of it as a slur doesn’t exist in my country.

Fun Story, I once witnessed a black mother get scolded by a white woman because the black mother referred to he child as “little monkey” because that “term” is offensive. If that wasn’t the most bat shovel crazy thing I’ve ever witnessed I don’t know what is.

For the record I get and understand the removal. You have to appease the lowest common denominator.

I feel like this frequent internet “outrage” over trivial things regarding fictional characters is the reason why the U.S. has an actual full blown racist running unchecked as president. Energy could be spent elsewhere at more important causes.


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