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Thu Jul 18 19 09:10pm
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I normally thinks these are stupid but this is 100% warranted. My four joycon have ALL drifted save for my D-pad ones (One of them just had a chip break off instead). WDV40 helps but it's inexcusable for such a thing to happen to begin with. Even my pro controller is drifting and my fucking New 3DS XL D-Pad is drifting (yes, the D-PAD of all things! Press up and it hits it 3 times. I'm kinda scared to use contact cleaner on such a sensitive spot, though it did help for my joycons. If a toothbrush fails I may have to send that in, and I can't imagine how bad it would be on the Switch lite if that happens to those built in joycons...

This needs to be like that wiimote case where they offered free jackets for all wiimotes, and instead offer free new joycons for each one affected. I doubt people will get paid much and this would take years to do anyway but I hope it leads to something. Heck, maybe a cap guard accessory would help wonders.


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