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Over the two years I have owned my switch, I have bought three additional pairs of joy cons. All have suffered from drift issues, both left and right sticks. The drift issues were consistent in both docked and handheld mode. My original set (blue/red) was unfortunately out of warranty when the problem occurred, which meant having to repair this myself as Nintendo charge £25 for each joy con for out of warranty repairs. The second (green/pink) set I bought was repaired after 10 months through Nintendo’s warranty, unfortunately after 2 months of use the same drifting issue occured on both left and right sticks on the newly repaired joy cons, which again was fixed, though this time with many delays and appalling customer service. And finally the third (yellow) and fourth (grey) sets have also suffered from issues with drifting which i have repaired myself using parts bought online.

After weeks of correspondence between myself and Nintendo’s customer services team, my complaints and genuine grievances were dismissed without any form acknowledgement that this was continuing problem. Nintendo’s customer service even had the audacity to say they had shown me a good will gesture by providing me with free out of warranty repairs for my green/pink set and not providing proof of purchase, despite me providing both the original receipt AND the new warranty receipt I received after the first warranty repair.

I was told if I wanted to take this any further then I was to formally write to Nintendo’s customer services. I did this in June and as of yet have not heard anything. I may be unlucky as I hear a lot of good comments about Nintendo’s customer services but my experience with them has been pretty appalling. So much so that I will now be making my own repairs, which really shouldn’t be the case when you spend £69.99 on a controller


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